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Benefits Of Cinnamon And Honey

What is it that a nourishing blend of cinnamon and honey cannot cure!

There is no doubting the age-old wisdom of ancient science and seers who have harped upon the medicinal importance of these two ingredients. But do they actually work well in today’s day and time as well? Let’s find out.

Honey and cinnamon are two ingredients that have been known to be extremely beneficial in curing many diseases and have properties that aids in boosting immunity as recommended by Ayurveda. Lots of literature available on the management of various diseases by the regular use of honey and cinnamon.



The benefits of cinnamon and honey are far and wide and here are few of them that will help you attain a healthy body.

Why Use Cinnamon and Honey?

Cinnamon and honey are nature’s gift to mankind. On one hand, cinnamon is known to be beneficial in treating, digestive problems and strengthens joint on the other hand, honey has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that help fight bacterial and fungal infections. Apart from this, honey is also a rich source of, amino acid, niacin, riboflavin, iron, calcium, etc.

Nutritional Value of Honey and Cinnamon:

Honey and Cinnamon are nutritious foods and contain minerals, vitamins and other essential nutrients that help in maintenance of good health. Both these ingredients are also low on fat and so can be consumed on a daily basis in moderations.

Cinnamon Honey Benefits:

Given below is a list of the several health benefits of cinnamon and honey:

1. Lowers risk of heart disease

2. Boosts immunity

3. Used for treating skin infections

4. Helps Strengthen Joints

5. Good for diabetes

6. Treats bladder infections

7. Helps with stomach disorders

8. Gets rid of bad breath

9. Used as an energy booster

10. Used against allergies

11. Cures throat problems

12. Treats cough and cold

Lowers risk of heart disease

A cinnamon honey concoction is very helpful in reducing cholesterol levels. High cholesterol levels can lead to atherosclerosis, but by including honey and cinnamon in your everyday meals you can keep the risk of falling prey to heart related ailments at bay.

Boosts immunity

Regular intake of honey cinnamon mix is believed to boost the immunity level in an individual. It is also rich in antioxidants and anti-bacterial properties that helps improve the digestive system and strengthen it to fight various illnesses and ailments. Taking a teaspoon of honey with lemon juice and warm water helps flush out free radicals and harmful toxins from the system. Thus, giving you a healthy gut and keeping you active through the day.

Used for treating skin infections

The benefits provided by honey and cinnamon extend to skin care too. Minor skin infections can be treated with an application of cinnamon honey paste on a regular basis. 

Helps Strengthen Joints

Arthritis is the pain caused due to swelling, inflammation and stiffness in the joints area. Even though there is no direct scientific proof to use of honey helps preventing the pain but it is still recommended to take a mix of cinnamon and honey on a daily basis to relief yourself from the pain. That is because honey has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe and calm the pain. Honey is also known to strengthen the immune system thus helps keeping you protected against joint problems. Cinnamon and honey is also very useful in maintaining healthy joints.

Good for diabetes

A concoction of honey and cinnamon is also good for people with diabetes as it does not add any artificial sweetness and lowers glucose levels. But one must always consult a doctor before including honey in their diet and to know if it would be suitable for them to consume it.

Treats bladder infections

A teaspoon of cinnamon powder mixed with half teaspoon of honey in lukewarm water helps destroy bacteria found in the urinary bladder. Thus, keeping you protected from contracting bladder infections.

Helps with stomach disorders

Drinking honey and cinnamon powder with water on a regular basis also helps in relieving the stomach of gas and flatulence, while helping keeping the gut clear of any blockages and regularizing the bowel movement.

Gets rid of bad breath

Presence of propolis in honey aids in curing the problem of bad breath. It also has strong anti-inflammatory properties that help in healing of gums and teeth and keep any infection of disease at bay. By using honey on your teeth and gums will help control the spread of harmful bacteria inside the mouth, which when accumulate inside the mouth or on the tongue cause your mouth to smell bad. Gargling with honey and cinnamon mixed with warm water helps get rid of foul breath. Do it at least twice a week for over a period of time for desired results.

Used as an energy booster

Benefits of honey and cinnamon also extends to being a natural energy drink. It helps the body stay energized and alert. ½ tsp of raw honey mixed with ¼ tsp of cinnamon mixed with warm water does the trick of creating a delicious natural health drink that provides instant energy.

Used against allergies

Allergies that lead to cold and cough can be cured by taking 1 tbsp lukewarm honey mixed with ¼ tsp cinnamon powder. However, this mixture must be taken regularly for 3 days for best results.

Cures throat problems

The anti-bacterial, anti-microbial, and anti-viral properties of honey and cinnamon help cure throat problems and throat infections. The best way to prepare this is by boiling 3-4 cinnamon sticks and mixing the boiled water with 1 tsp honey.

Treats cough and cold

 Right before bedtime, drinking a mixture of ½ tsp cinnamon powder with 1 tsp honey can help relieve cough and cold symptoms.

While these are only a few of the several health benefits that honey and cinnamon has, here’s taking a look how honey and cinnamon can be used on a daily basis for a wholesome health experience.

Cinnamon Honey Water Recipe

A honey and cinnamon drink is relatively easy to make as it does not involve an elaborate process or method of preparation.

Note: We recommend use of Salbena Honey in all the remedies and comes packed with and minerals that have multitude of health benefits, which are essential to keep you healthy, active and fit.

Ingredients :

· 1 tbsp Honey

· 1 tsp cinnamon powder (preferably organic)

· 1 cup water

Method :

· Boil water

· Add cinnamon powder to the boiled water

· Steep the concoction for 15 minutes

· Add honey to the cooled mixture

· Drink this twice a day (once in the morning in an empty stomach and one before going to bed)

· Drinking this mixture everyday will help get rid of several health problems while keeping your fit and healthy

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